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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! And the usual extra special wishes to Agnieszka, Niclas, Laurence, Sara, Andreia, Maria, Hanna, Anders and Michael!

- Johan


Let's do some minimal and hopefully not even very noticable changes. Unless you're using a phone or something to access this site, that is. And no, the responsive design is not fully implemented yet on all pages, but it is a start.

- Johan


The Polish coastline is a pretty nice place. At least with good company.

- Johan


My second round as poll station official has ended, so no more large amount of writing numbers (everything - voters, poll station, counting reports - consist of numbers) for some time. Now for a week at home and then some holiday days.

- Johan


I must admit that GOG.com's marketing model of "no DRM and trust your audience" actually works. At least on me. I just bought Banished even if I could have continued to use the downloaded "free" version. But since the game is good and to a decent price, I felt for giving the developer the money he truly deserves.

- Johan


Yay, summer!

- Johan


I've done my work for the democratic process for now. Finished my work as a poll station official, that is. (Sweden has a long voting-in-advance setup.). For some reason I tend to view this election as the most important election this year. And thus more fun. If you're eligible and want to vote, go vote tomorrow!

- Johan