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The person

Johan is officially an educated geographer, environmental and political scientist, unofficially a writer, web content provider and web producer. He is born in 1976 and is currently residing in east central Sweden while waiting for better prospects and finding a "real" full-time job.

The website

Tonakaistudio.com was initiated in 2003 as the heir of a line of different web projects going back to the internet stone age of 1996. While earlier among other things used for the promotion of my web design activities, it is now mostly serving as a semi-public semi-private website hosting some random projects as well as some more personal stuff.

The tech

My philosophy regarding websites is that pages should be readable with as many browsers as possible. In other words I use fancy things sparingly. If you find something with the design irritating or non-working, please tell me.

All pages should work without major problems on all modern versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8. Pages residing directly under www.tonakaistudio.com are now in responsive design and should be functional also on phones and pads. A resolution with a width of at least some 500 pixels is recommended for a good reading experience though.

The machines used to create these pages are now an AMD Athlon X4-based homebuilt stationary PC and an Intel Dual-core Toshiba laptop. The main site tonakaistudio.com is hosted on an Unix system run by a commercial web host.

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